User Guide

Install Guides:

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I strongly suggest testing everything while you have access to the JB4, just to make sure everything works as expected.

Firmware Downloading (via Email Client):

Open the email where the hex file is.

Click the hex file.

Open in JB4 Mobile.

Open JB4 Mobile.

Go to the firmware update page.

Press the green arrow.

Select your newly imported hex file.

Firmware Downloading (via JB4 Mobile's built-in web browser):

Click here.

Settings Descriptions:

WOT Start Threshold - The pedal percentage required to start an auto-WOT log.

WOT Logging Timeout - The number of seconds before stopping a log after the pedal goes below WOT Start Threshold.

Ignores Auto-Logging w/Clutch Active - Don't start an auto-WOT log if pedal goes above WOT Start Threshold while the clutch is depressed (ex. downshifting).

Log File Suffix - The name to append to the end of your logs.  I set this to the name of the current flash I'm using.

Shift Indicator RPM - The RPM to activate the shift animation.

Shift Indicator Color - The color of the RPM shift indicator animation.

Temperature in Celsius - Display IAT, Oil Temp, and Water Temp in Celsius.

Attempt Auto-Connect on Launch - Try to connect to the Connect Kit as soon as the app is opened.

GPS (and FUD 4) Speed in KPH - Display these speed outputs in KPH instead of MPH.

HUD Mode - Mirror the entire display.

Bar Boost Units - Display the boost gauge in Bar units.

Using Ethanol Kit - Enable this setting if using a Fuel-It Ethanol Integration Kit.

Disable WiFi Warning - Disable the WiFi popup warning.

Demo Mode - Animate the gauges without a connection.


Basic Use:

To change what a gauge displays in the app, simply tap and hold on the gauge and a selector view will appear.

To view your max boost, double tap the boost gauge.  Double tap again to view current boost.  Note the max boost will be reset after you go back to the normal boost gauge.

To calibrate the G Force gauge, bring the car to a complete stop on a flat surface then double tap the G Force gauge.

To export a log simply tap the desired log and hit email.  To export multiple logs select "Select", tap the desired logs to export, then tap email.

To start a log tap the start logging button.  To stop a log tap the stop logging button.  Alternatively you can configure your auto-WOT logging parameters in the settings page which will allow the app to start and stop logging automatically.